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Samsung Galaxy S8 Price?

Samsung is definitely one of the major competitors of the global market when it comes to smartphones and technologically advanced gadgets. This is why the new smartphone from Samsung is already anticipated by millions of fans. There have been a lot of rumors as to the specific features of this product, as well as speculations about Samsung Galaxy S8 price. The truth is that everyone can only guess, as the company has kept things silent so far. Samsung Galaxy S8 price

When Will Samsung Galaxy S8 Be Released?

There is room for speculation in this field, too. Many people claim that Samsung is going to release its newest smartphone early in 2017. This is the most reasonable scenario, obviously. If Samsung wants to fight iPhone and its current upward trajectory, it makes total sense why Samsung Galaxy S8 will indeed hit the market by April 2017 (at the latest). It is also valid that it will first be introduced to the Asian market and then Europe and the US will follow.

What about the Cost?

Samsung Galaxy 8 price is one of the most important aspects to consider. The objective is to come up with a modern and fully sophisticated smartphone, which is accessible to a lot of people to purchase. Although the price expectations have been high, the initial rumor of the smartphone exceeding $1,000 does not seem valid. On the contrary, a more affordable Galaxy S8 price that still depicts the sophistication and modernity stretches from $800 to $900.

Again, the price rates may fluctuate according to your exact location. But either way, the cost does not seem to overcome $1,000 as it was initially rumored. Whoever wishes to purchase one of these smartphones will need to contact his local retailer and gather more information within the following months. As a consequence, he will have priority over other potential buyers once the smartphone gets released.

What Is New about Samsung Galaxy S8?

According to reports, Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to focus on security and resilience a lot more than its past versions. More specifically, the new smartphone will come with a gorilla glass that is almost impossible to break. It will be activated via fingerprints so that users can enhance their security and rest assured that their phone will not fall in the wrong hands. Wireless charge completed within a few minutes will also be of great importance, but the rest is still unknown.

These are the updates on Samsung Galaxy 8 price and its release date, as well as a glimpse at its most treasured features!

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