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Samsung won’t release a Galaxy S8 Edge in 2017

The Galaxy S8 will be officially unveiled on the March 29, 2017. While the Edge has been a staple of the Samsung Galaxy S range since the S6, we won’t be getting a Galaxy S8 Edge at all this year. Or perhaps ever again.

Samsung Edge phones are so called because of their sloped screens, compared to their flat, and rather plain, Galaxy S counterparts.

The design started with the Galaxy Note Edge. That had just one steeply sloped side, which didn’t really bring much to the party and made the phone difficult to handle.

Samsung has refined the design over the years and the double-tapered Galaxy S7 Edge is one of the most beautiful phones we’ve ever seen. It not only looks good, it’s also great to hold and looks different to the legion of flat-screened slabs that everyone else is making.

The sloped screen also added some clever usability features like quick access to apps and key contacts.

Why is Samsung dropping the Galaxy S8 Edge name?

So why is Samsung getting rid of the Edge moniker with the S8? It’s because every Galaxy S8 will come with curved screen, so there’s no need to have two versions or call it the Galaxy S8 Edge. At least that’s according to the numerous leaks that have surfaced so far.

Check out this video from Chinese social media site Weibo which purports to show the Galaxy S8 in a hands on leak:

Instead of the Edge, Samsung looks likely to announce the Samsung Galaxy S8+ (or S8 Plus), which will be a super-sized model. Rumours point to it having a screen as large as 6.2-inches, compared to the normal S8’s 5.8-inch screen. That’s huge.

The edge to edge display and lack of home button at the bottom of the screen means that the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are relatively compact, despite the large screen sizes and the bezel looks minimal.

What do you think about the new look?

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