Buckle up the seat belts, Samsung Galaxy S8 release date is not far

Samsung Galaxy S8 Expected release date: April 2017

The headline can be quite misleading as recently we got to lay hands on the new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge and now the talk of S8 launch. At this stage, it could probably be a rumor because the arrival of the new phone is scheduled in the first or second quarter of 2017. Samsung, which is known for manufacturing cutting edge phones will pack in quite a punch with the S8 offerings.

galaxy s8 release date
A concept designed by Curved.

We can only predict that S8 would be another curvier version from the Korean giant. The unique concept will integrate all the attributes that the customers are looking for in the upcoming device. Probably the company would like to incorporate a big screen with more internal memory as demanded by the customer base of Samsung.

Rumors flying thick and fast:

Media is rife with rumors about the impending launch of foldable S8 phone creating new benchmarks in innovation. People are extremely curious about the appearance and the capability of the new phone. According to the feedback from the analysts, S8 is going to be one of the best devices in 2017.

What’s new in specifications?

Rumors suggest that the gadget would be equipped with ultra responsive eye sensing technology as a security measure along with faster Wi-Fi connectivity and extremely capable charging capacity. The presence of surround sound speaker imbibed in the phone could enhance the multimedia capability in comparison to its predecessors.

Functionality of sensitive swipe controls may improve in S8 edge because it would help to reduce the instances of accidental bumps occurring in S7 Edge. With the new screen projected to be 5.3 inches, Samsung is working on its endeavor to combine all the capabilities into a single machine.

A new concept:

The new S8 mobile gadget will be built on the concept of providing one stop solution to the users. It will not only help you to connect visually to the internet but also act as a faster mobile payment option. Due to the great strides of Samsung and Android pay applications, the S8 phone is bound to display extremely new security features. The days of hackers barging quickly into an Android phone is going to be long gone with the arrival of the new kid on the block.

A unique feature that everybody is waiting for is the presence of the Corning Gorilla glass on the rear and front of the S8 phone. In a nutshell, it will prove to be the best flagship model introduced by Samsung in recent times.


The popularity of any smartphone depends not only on quality but also the price at which it is being offered. Same is true for Samsung Galaxy S8 model when it will be competitively priced to stay ahead of its peers. If launched in the US, it may set you back by at least 850 dollars for factory unlocked version while In Germany; the price could hover at 820 Euros. These are estimated figures, however the exact prices can only be determined after its launch.


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