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You may Find Smart Glow Ring on Galaxy S8

Images of Samsung galaxy J2 have already leaked one week before its official launch. This news won’t be interesting to you as Galaxy J2 is going to be  just an average phone as compared to the phones available today in the market. But the images of this phone reveals some news about the upcoming Galaxy S8. The picture that shows the rear part of the phone is the point of attraction.

smart glow ring galaxy s8

You might have noticed a glowing ring behind the phone and as per the rumors, it is the new and unique notification ring used on the phone. We all know that big brands like Samsung, apple etc like to add something unique to their phone. This time, Samsung did the same to its budget friendly phone galaxy J2.

How is it linked to Galaxy S8?

Smart Glow ring is a flash LED light which lights up different colors and informs us about the different types of notifications. The LED light used for this feature is the one around the camera lens. This feature might not be a part of the upcoming Galaxy Note 7. But when it comes to future phones (without curved screen ones) this might be the winner.

As per some rumors, many claim that the Smart Glow right which we have seen on Galaxy J2 will be available for the upcoming flagship phones. This Glow ring will indicate user about the notification arrived on the phone. This will also work as the full and low battery indicator and also help in taking selfies using the rear camera.

If Samsung uses this in Galaxy S8, we might even see some advanced features associated with Smart Glow such as heart rate, pulse rate, weather information, gesture sensitivity etc. J2 is a basic phone, so Samsung won’t implement these advanced technologies in that phone. It will be used only for notification updates in it.

Some More Rumors

Not much news came into light about galaxy S8 but there are many other rumors that we came through. We came around a rumor that the upcoming Galaxy S8 will have  5.5 inches of display and it will support 4K UHD display. It will also have high resolution and around 806 PPI. Another rumor is that the phone will have Snapdragon 830 processor which is going to be powered with a 6GB RAM and a really impressive and highly advanced camera. It is also heard that the Galaxy S8 will have iris scanner and it may also have the foldable screen which is somewhat less likely.

Galaxy S8 is going to be released in the 1st quarter of 2017, most probably in Feb-March. Though we know that it’s way too early to be specific but as far as we know that Samsung adds the best feature to its flagship phones and thus, we can expect these things to be there in Galaxy S8.

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