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Samsung Galaxy S8 release date

Galaxy S8 release date: March 29,2017

Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be unveiled at an event in New York on March 29, 2017. That release date is a little earlier than we expected, but is still a few weeks after Mobile World Congress which has been Samsung’s way recently.

There have been a huge number of leaks over the past few weeks which have told us a lot about the Galaxy S8. The big news is that the S8 will be curvy, just like previous Edge phones. We won’t be getting a Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge because there won’t be a flat screened version at all.

Rumors flying thick and fast:

The internet is rife with rumors about the impending launch of foldable S8 phone creating new benchmarks in innovation. People are extremely curious about the appearance and the capability of the new phone. According to the feedback from the analysts, the S8 is going to be one of the best devices in 2017, just don’t expect it to be bendy. While some mobile phone manufacturers have shown off foldable concept phones the Galaxy S8 won’t be one of them. 

What are its specifications?

Rumors suggest that the gadget would be equipped with ultra responsive eye sensing technology as a security measure, along with faster Wi-Fi connectivity and an extremely capable battery. The presence of surround sound speaker built into the phone could enhance the multimedia capability in comparison to its predecessors, which weren’t very good in that department.

Functionality of sensitive swipe controls may improve in S8 edge because it would help to reduce the instances of accidentally activating the curved screen, as is sometimes the case with the S7 Edge. With the new screen projected to be 5.8 inches, Samsung is working on its endeavor to combine all the capabilities into a single machine.

A new concept:

The new S8 will be built on the concept of providing one stop solution to the users. It will not only help you to connect visually to the internet but also act as a faster mobile payment option. Due to the great strides of Samsung Pay and Android pay applications, the S8 phone is bound to display new security features.

The feature that everybody is waiting for is the addition of the toughest possible Corning Gorilla glass on the front and back of the S8 phone. In a nutshell, it will prove to be the best flagship model introduced by Samsung in recent times and a big step up from the S7.


When it comes to the Galaxy S8 price we don’t know much yet, although there have been some who think they know how Samsung will price its flagship. Let’s not forget that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a super-premium device so we shouldn’t expect it to be cheap. Expect it to set you back at least $850 in the US or around 820 Euros in Europe. These are estimated figures, however the exact prices can only be determined after launch.

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  1. The best views of the Samsung Galaxy S8 have so far come from trusted Twitter leaker @evleaks , who has posted a number of what appear to be official press shots of the upcoming flagship handset.

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