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Galaxy S8 Camera Will Be A Beast

Since the inception of smartphones, cameras have always tempted the buyers and as we know today that fight to be the sire in market depends on this piece of technology a lot. There are a few flagship options like Xperia Z series from Sony, Apple iPhone, and Samsung’s Galaxy and Note series which have really mind blowing lenses. Recently launched Samsung Galaxy S7 also has 12 MP primary lens and has received positive response from users across the globe.

Now, the market is gearing up with the rumors of Galaxy S8 smartphone from Samsung which suggests some path breaking technology from the company is going to feature in this phone. With the hints given about its folding or curved display, and ultra fast processor, the camera is not piece of attraction for market.

galaxy s8 camera

Samsung has reportedly made some relocation in its department to focus on the new camera for Galaxy S8 which is due for launch during March – April 2017. Some market sources are even suggesting that Korean brand has moved people out of its NX department to smartphone camera unit to put a fight against its rival Apple. It also suggested that the new camera in Galaxy S8 would be taking up challenge against standalone cameras and if that happened, surely it would be a milestone to achieve for others.

Talking about the specifications of Galaxy S8’s camera, it could feature a 24 MP lens which is of double capacity then the current Galaxy S7.  The market reports specify that the brand is trying to manufacture a 1/2.3 inch sensor with further improvement up to 1/1.7 inch and f/1.4 aperture. It’s not a hidden fact that these specifications would be allowing more light hence improving the overall quality of pictures. The company not only plans to take out each and every camera focused smartphone out of the race but standalone cameras as well.

However, DSLRs are still far away from being touched, but with the pace companies are innovating, they’ll surely be conquered. Discussing further about it, this much camera power would be requiring a heavy processor and a fine screen. To cope up with these requirements, company might offer octa core 64 bit processor with high resolution display.

Coming to display, there already are rumors making round that this time Samsung would bring up a folding display of 7 inch which could get downsized up to 5 inch. The theory behind this folding display is that Samsung’s last experiment with edged display and the company is planning to take it to another level.

Well, all the aforementioned information is just rumor for now but the same pattern was followed for last launches as well and most of the expectation were met. And, if this time these specifications of 24 MP camera along with 7-inch folding display boosted with lighting processor became true, Samsung would surely leave not only its android based peers, but other OS based smartphones like windows and iOS way to behind in the race of being the best smartphone on earth.

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