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Samsung Galaxy S8 – What to Expect

Ever since the launch of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S series, the smartphone has become the choice of millions around the globe. It has helped Samsung to conquer the price-rich phone market belligerent and now the company is ready to take another stride.

The Galaxy S8 is already in the news, however, there is nothing out from the manufacture but the possibilities fascinate the crowd. With Apple also not straying from the path of Samsung, both these tech giants are constantly pushed to limits if needs to retain the top spot. Talking about upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, below are some features which people would love to see when launched in mid 2017, only expectations though!

samsung galaxy s8 new concept 2016

The Folding Display

There is news making rounds in the market that Samsung will bring up folding display this time in Galaxy S8 of 7 inches which would get downsized to 5 inches. Well, the first experiment with Galaxy Edge screen had gone well and if Samsung can craft this folding scree, well I’m waiting desperately for that! Aren’t you?

Lighting Heart

The smartphones today are able to work at ultra high speed thanks to the latest technologies which fit into small space and help multiple apps run without a glitch. Now, Galaxy S8 is supposed to break all the previous barriers and should come with around 5 – 6 GB RAM couple along Octa-core 64 bit processor to redefine the experience.

The Selfie Obsession

Selfies are still in trend and so smartphones’ front facing cameras. Although the market is piled up with so-called selfie special options but with Samsung Galaxy S series, regular stuff is just not acceptable. People are still carving for a breakthrough innovation for the front camera and Galaxy S8 must provide that. For starters, the company could use 12-15 MP power with auto focus and noise reduction precautions during night mode. Anything else you’d like to suggest?

TouchWiz is Too Much Now

Samsung’s Touch Wiz is something of a legacy that is borne in its each smartphone, well it’s time to change it! Since last couple years, TouchWiz is involved too much with OS and this is annoying the people. If not replace is completely, Samsung has to tone it down to help its users experience the real taste of Android.

Design is Cliche

Now for too long Samsung has followed the regular design pattern for its smartphones and it’s time to step out from that frame. It’s expected from one of the world’s finest innovative companies to bring up something new and extra-ordinary to beat its competitors and make the flagship buyers feel special.

The Frills

There could be innumerable number of changes that one can expect in upcoming Galaxy S8, but apart from aforementioned ones battery power, in-built storage and impeccable resolutions are one to taken care of primarily.

Well, there’s still plenty of time left before anything about Galaxy S8 becomes official. But rumors keep coming out even for Galaxy S9, so take everything with a pinch of salt for now.

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  1. My expectations from Galaxy S8:

    1. USB Type-C: Samsung should upgrade to latest tech USB type C port for charging and headphones. This will also eliminate the 3.5 mm headphone jack, ultimately making the phone even more slimmer.

    2. Dual front facing speakers: Galaxy S7 has only one speaker and that too on the bottom side. They should include dual front facing speakers in S8 so we can enjoy music much better.

    3. Better battery life: No doubt, this is the most important feature of any smartphone. Samsung should really up the game this time and improve the battery life significantly. With so many features and apps, smartphone consumption has increased significantly. We were not used to use our feature phones all the day, but with smartphones, we are busy doing something on it all the time. So, longer battery life is very crucial.

    4. Get rid of fingerprints: My Galaxy S7 picks up lot of fingerprints. I always have to wipe it with a cloth to get rid of them but they show up again when I use it. Samsung should come up with some kind of fingerprint-repellent coating which could get rid of this problem.

    5. Lower price: Last, but not the least, phone should be priced better. I mean when other manufacturers like One Plus One, Xiaomi and Alcatel are offering good quality smartphones at half the price of S7, anyone would consider them. I know S8 is a flagship phone of Samsung and competes with the likes of iPhone, but I’m not asking for a huge price drop. Anything in the range of $500 would be great.

    These are my expectation from Galaxy S8, I hope Samsung considers them. Looking forward to the launch of this amazing phone.

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