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Samsung Galaxy S8 to come with 5.5-inch 4K display

We all are waiting eagerly for the Galaxy S8 and any rumor or leaked report fills us with joy. Now, we have got our hands on a new report which is about the display of the phone.

samsung galaxy s8 4k display

Samsung recently showcased a 4K display and it is expected that the display will feature in the next Samsung Galaxy smartphone i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S8. As per various rumors and reports, it is expected that Samsung will launch a smartphone in 2017 with a 4K display. Samsung showcased several next generation displays at the Display week conference which was held by the company in San Francisco. One of the displays which were seen at the event was the 5.5-inch 4K display which will deliver better Virtual Reality experience on mobile devices.

The specifications of the display which might become a part of Samsung Galaxy S8 are as follows:-

Display Size: 5.5-inches

Resolution: 4K resolution, 3840 X 2160 pixels

Pixel Density: 806 PPI

Color Range: 97% color gamut

The prototype which is available on the internet had bright colors with excellent contrast. The smartphone was displayed on a device or a headset. As the display is going to be a 5.5-inch display this makes us believe that Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be a great smartphone and will definitely stand one step ahead of its predecessors.

Samsung claims that they will make the Virtual Reality experience better and people will be able to see that in Samsung Galaxy S8. As we all know that Virtual Reality gears don’t come with a display of their own and totally depend on the smartphone, the display it comes packed with. Two of the most selling smartphone series of Samsung is the Note and S series.

There are many rumors that the next Galaxy Note smartphone, i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 6 might come with a 4K display but as per the prototype, it seems that it won’t be true. Samsung said that it will take some time to test the display and see the results as after that only they will be able to start production of the 4K display for the next Galaxy device.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and the S8 edge will get launched in 2017. A recent report said that a total of five smartphones will get launched by Samsung in 2017 with one being Samsung Galaxy X. As per the leaks, it is assumed that Samsung Galaxy X is going to be a foldable smartphone and it won’t arrive with a 4K display which makes Samsung Galaxy S8 a worthy option for the 4K display.

Galaxy S8 will become one of the best device of the year 2017 if it comes with the 4K display. What are your views about the next flagship device from Samsung? Let us know using the comments section below.

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