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Amazing concept design of Galaxy S8

We all are waiting eagerly for Samsung Galaxy S8. We’ve been hearing lot of rumors so far, such as it will have more powerful processor, 30 MP rear camera, 9 MP front camera for awesome selfies, 4200 mAh battery etc. Of course, Galaxy S8 will be more powerful and pack more features than its predecessor Galaxy S7. But what about the design? Samsung has made some good improvements in the design department recently, Galaxy S7 Edge is very well designed. But there is still a scope for improvement.

A new concept design of Galaxy S8 by Steel Drake proves that. Check out these pictures of the S8 concept shared by the designer on Behance.

s8 design 2016

galaxy s8 concept front camera

galaxy s8 concept design

galaxy s8 concept back camera

galaxy s8 concept thickness

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galaxy s8 edge concept

galaxy s8 projector

galaxy s8 unboxing

Isn’t it so cool? Samsung should definitely think about that inbuilt projector. It will take our movie viewing experience to whole new level. This Galaxy S8 concept has fully metal body and edged display on both sides. It’s quite thin as well. Display of the phone looks very bright and sharp as well. We can only hope that Samsung takes cue from this concept and make it real.

So guys, what do you think about this concept design of Galaxy S8? Yay or nay? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Do share with your friends on social media as well.


  1. I loved this concept, Samsung Galaxy S8 is my dream phone and I’m already saving money to buy it. I have once request for Samsung, please don’t make it too expensive. Keep it around $500 and I’ll definitely buy it. But if you keep the price more than $500, then I’ll be really disappointed.

  2. The concept is good but back is ugly compared to front and sides. They should work on back of the phone as well, it also matters a lot.

  3. haha, samsung keeps copying iphone but they never come close. This concept is just a dream of designer, samsung will throw an ugly, heavy phone with outdated software your way. keep dreaming..

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